8 creative questions you can ask your kid after you pick them up from gymnastics practice. (instead of  asking “how was practice?”)


  1. What was something fun you did today?
  2. What was something good a teammate did?
  3. Did you try anything new?
  4. What’s something you did that made you stronger?
  5. Did anything funny happen at practice?
  6. Which event did you feel improvement on?
  7. What muscles do you think worked the hardest?
  8. Did you encourage your teammates on any skills?


Every child is going to be different in how they communicate. Some might want to talk about practice the entire way home, while others have no desire to discuss. We want to encourage keeping communication open between parents and gymnasts. Remember that your role as a parent is to encourage and love, not to tell them to have straight legs on a skill. Trust me, they hear that enough at practice 😉 These questions are meant to strike up more conversation than the normal question “how was practice?”.


Thanks for reading!